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Boss Logic Interview

We’re extremely hyped to be able to bring you our first interview with the absolute POWER HOUSE that is Boss Logic. Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few years you’ll know this man is the driving force behind some of the best super-hero artwork out there…and now he’s chatting with us!

What got you interested in art? Why did you start creating art? 

Ever since I was young I admired my father being an artist and wanted to do the same sadly and fortunately I found it in school by it taking over all my class work, I was failing at school due to it, the fortunate part is the fact it’s the reason I’m here today. 

What kind of program do you use to make your art? 

95% of my work I use Adobe Photoshop. It’s my lifeblood now haha 

How long does it take you to finish a piece? 

For me it all depends, pieces can range from an hour, all the way to a few days but on average it’s around 6 to 10hrs.

Tell us about your new NFT drop! 

Well my first drop with Nifty is a big one since it’s my introduction, my foot in this world, so we decided to go with what people know me by and that’s the whole art of fandom So my first will be just that, using some of my latest and greatest to present myself into this new era! 

When is happening? Where can people go to buy it? 

It’s on the 29th Friday 7pm Est via Nifty Gateway

How did you find out about the NFT space?

IVGallery reached out to me a few months back, sadly it was via Instagram DMs so I didn’t see it, after a few friends of mine did some drops, I wanted to reach out and saw that they had reached out to me, and we then connected and it’s all history from there 

What excites you most about selling your work as NFTs? 

Finally, digital art and artist are taken more serious via being part of a new era and getting the pay-out we never thought we would ever see. It’s exciting times, glad to be part of it in its infant stage. 

What worries you most about selling your work as NFTs? 

I still have not done my first drop, I have no worries going in, I really don’t have nothing to lose as of yet. 

Which piece are you most proud of? 

Talking about my NFT pieces my pieces it would be The Last Shawarma 

Although we know this entry to NTF art will be one of your biggest successes what’s been your biggest win so far?

I’d say working for Marvel, Disney, DC and all these movie and comic companies, never thought I’d actually be here doing what I love, for companies I grew up with. 

This is only the beginning, especially with the NFT world, so many things I want to announce that will blow minds. 

Any collaborations with other artists? Musicians, DJ’s? 

I have 3 collabs coming that are going to blow up the space! 

Tell us about any up and coming pieces you are working on? 

I got a few DC comic covers coming real soon and also some marvel pieces that you guys should be excited about

Which other artists are you keeping an eye on and why? 

My tops at the moment inspiring me are 


Kucharek Brothers


These guys are all masters of their craft 

Where do you see the CryptoArt space in a year’s time? 

I can’t really say, but I see it being huge! Look how far it has come in such a small space, now imagine the music, movie and writing scene all working together creating these dope things, the possibilities are endless. 

Will CryptoArt replace traditional art? 

Hope not, traditional art needs to forever be as strong as it is and we should never lose sight of that

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