Save Gas on MetaMask

How to Save Gas on MetaMask

If we asked you to name several areas that the Ether community are talking about right now, we’d bet our bottom dollar that gas prices would be one of them.

There’s a small trick you can do within MetaMask to save a little bit off that expensive GWEI and here’s how:

  1. Open Metamask
  2. Click the account logo circle top right
  3. Goto “settings”
  4. Then click “advanced”
  5. Scroll down until you see an on/off button for “advanced gas controls” – click this on
  6. Now return to your purchase or transaction. When prompted to do so open MetaMask.
  7. Now instead of the fixed gas fee you should now see an editable field for gas price.
  8. In a new tab open etherscan.gas link and look at the price against LOW
  9. Enter that number into your metamask transaction gas amount

Your transaction should be now around 25% cheaper. It WILL take a little longer for your transaction to be processed by the blockchain.

If your transaction is still waiting after half an hour you may need to check gas prices again as they have risen, at this point you’ve two options:

1) Wait until gas price drops and your transaction is authorised

2) Click the “speed up” icon in MetaMask and add more gas to the transaction (again there is now an advanced tab to specify exact gas amounts). 

Grab your own MetaMask wallet (and an ENS domain to go with it!) or more info at their website HERE. Please note this is not fincial advice, just a trick we learnt here at NFT Core.

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