XSullo Interview: Techno-Dystopian Artist

What got you interested in art? Why did you start creating art?

It goes back to when I was a kid. It was a way to escape, it made me happy, to connect with people, it was just something I loved to do. When I was 10 it was a drive that I had, my elementary school teacher (Debee) took notice, put me in an advanced placement art class with other students. Since then I couldn’t stop creating, I knew I wanted to make a career out of it.

What kind of program do you use to make your art?

I use multiple softwares. I start off in Maya to 3d bash models together and animate, then take it into Clip Studio Paint, and Photohsop to illustrate over. After Effects for final compositing.

How long does it take you to finish a piece?

It really depends on the piece, it could take at least a week, to two months.

Tell us about your next NFT drop!

I’m working on a personal piece for SuperRare, will be re-exploring the monkey and crypto themes.

When is happening? Where can people go to buy it?

I’m aiming for the first week of March. And people will be able to view it here https://superrare.co/xsullo

How did you find out about the NFT space?

I first heard about it through SlimeSunday last October when he was doing his collab with 3lau.

What excites you most about selling your work as NFTs?

I feel in love with the idea of authenticity and ownership of NFT’s because digital art theft is rampant on Social Media, NFT’s legitimize artwork on the blockchain. The selling aspect allows me time to explore deeper into my art that I wasn’t able to do before because of client work.

What is your favorite artist of all time?

Man, hard to pinpoint. If had to choose one, I have to say Alex Grey has moved me so many times ever since I got into his art around 2004. Ever since then I’ve been following his creative journey. What he’s doing with the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in NY is breathtaking.

Which piece are you most proud of?

I’m proud of a lot of my artwork, but NEED NO XANNY is something that speaks deeply so I tend to think of that one first at the moment.

Any collaborations with other artists? Musicians, Dj’s?

Yeah! Just wrapped up on SR collab with Dave Krugman, more to come with that as we explore futuristic locations across the globe. With DJ’s been collaborating with Kill The Noise, and Snails on their projects. As well a fun project with BOOTs aka Jordan Asher.

Which other artists are you keeping an eye on and why?

Dirty Robot, we’ve been following each other on IG for years now, so I’m excited he’s in the NFT space now. I’m also excited to see what James Jean does, as well as Damien Hirst.

Holding Ethereum; or do you cash out once you receive the money of the sale? Are you holding Bitcoin?

I hold, I believe in the future of crypto : )

Where do you see the CryptoArt space in a year’s time?

I see a co-existence between the Fine Art world and Digital Art world, I don’t believe in any barriers or line of creativity, too stifling and silly to separate the two. I imagine people walking into a physical art gallery where a painting or sculpture has a QR code that is linked to the block-chain where the viewer can experience the piece in both reality and AR/VR. I also see the tech behind creative tools exploding in the next year and onward.

What advice do you have for artists starting in cryptoart?

Do what you love, connect & support other artists and collectors, don’t compare yourself, it’s your journey not a competition, you should only compete with yourself, get out of your creative comfort zone. And overall have fun!

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